MKPNG Consulting Services


Our Company “MKPNG Consulting Services” is a well-versed outsourcing company providing efficient and
time-saving accounting services to our clients.

Our company has well-trained and experienced staff who provide bookkeeping services to our clients in
countries like UK, Poland and Ireland. We are also exploring opportunities to provide services in other parts of
the world.

Advantages of Bookkeeping:

  • Help in preparation of financial statements of a company
  • Records all monetary transactions and helps the company in predicting tax returns and tax deductions.

Further, it helps the company to focus on business strategy and plan. Through proper and organized
Bookkeeping, a company can easily carry out an audit as it enhances systematic recording of all financial

Why choose us?
Outsourcing helps you save large amounts on software subscriptions & dedicated staff salary

Efficiency: Outsourcing to professionals working in the field for bookkeeping with years of experience
increases work efficiency with zero errors

Profit: Outsourcing to companies like “MKPNG Consulting Services” increase your profit margins by offering
services at competitive rates and eliminates the expenses from creating a recruitment strategy, hiring
applicants, etc.

By outsourcing your Bookkeeping and accounting service with us, firms can improve their skills and
qualifications to stay fierce in the market.

Our company follows the Client Data Protection Act providing outsourcing services to clients while maintaining
their business confidentiality and taking necessary steps to maintain our client data and transactions