MKPNG Consulting Services


Our company “MKPNG Consulting Services Private Limited” is a trustworthy outsourcing company providing
HMRC filing services mainly in countries like United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, a tax return is a document that must be filed with HM Revenue & Customs declaring
liability for taxation. Different bodies must file different returns with respect to various forms of taxation.

MKPNG Consulting Services Private Limited provides HMRC filing services including employees which have
income that has not been taxed at source and needs to be declared to HMRC, usually by submitting a self-
assessment tax return.

Legally, a taxpayer is obliged to submit a tax return when HMRC request one by sending a notice to file a tax
return, either because the taxpayer has registered for self-assessment voluntarily or because HMRC believe
one to be required – HMRC can request a tax return from anyone for any reason.

Under UK tax legislation, taxpayers are obliged to notify HMRC when they have a liability to tax no later than 9
months after the end of the tax year in which they became liable. Depending on the circumstances and the tax
owed, they may do this by registering for self-assessment and completing a tax return by January 31.

Once registered, taxpayers can submit their tax return online directly via the HMRC website, or from online

Why choose us?
Outsourcing your HMRC Filing services with us will minimize the chance of fines and penalties occurred due to
non-compliance with tax return on timely basis or with other statutory regulations as we provide timely
services to our clients. Besides that, we also provide the best quality services by ensuring compliance with all
state and federal laws.

Our company provides the HMRC filing services to any type of company irrespective of whether it is a small-
scale company, service provider, manufacturer, or simply a UK based company.
We also maintain the confidentiality of your business records by making your data accessible only by the
approved team as we take care of every single step in keeping your data secure with us.