MKPNG Consulting Services


Our company “MKPNG Consulting Services Private Limited” is a trustworthy outsourcing company providing
payroll services mainly in countries like UK, Poland and Ireland.

Importance of payroll accounting:
Companies must keep a record of all their financial transactions done, and salary paid is one of the major
business expenses for companies which must be disclosed in the books of accounts. As part of payroll
management, it is necessary to scrutinize that all salary and recompense information is fed correctly into
accounting or ERP system.

It helps in establishing the company’s reputation as payroll accounting involves a reputable and professional
payroll team to prevent fraud and maintain compliance and submit the necessary documentation to strict
deadlines. Payroll accounting helps in employee development and minimizes the chances of retention. It helps
in determining the actual cost to the company

MKPNG Consulting Services Private Limited provides payroll service, pay slips processing, employee benefits,
insurance, and accounting task.

Payroll in the UK is slightly different, In the UK, PAYE payroll runs every month so it is important for employers
to calculate statutory tax, National Insurance contributions, and other deductions from the salary of the
employee, and provide the employee with pay slip and form-P60 which represent the tax that you’ve paid on
your salary in the tax year. Besides that, employers are obliged to make a final report for the year to Her
Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) each month on or before the pay date.

Our professional team provides payroll service in the UK after compliance with all local regulations and
statutory tax requirements.

Why choose us?
Outsourcing your payroll services with us will minimize the chance of fines and penalties occurred due to non-
compliance with PAYE regulation or with other statutory regulations as we provide timely services to our
clients. Besides that, we also provide the best quality services by ensuring compliance with all state and federal
laws governing payroll.

Our company provides the UK payroll service to any type of company irrespective of whether it is a small-scale
company, service provider, manufacturer, or simply a UK based company. Apart from it, we handle deposits
and withdrawals, withholding, and new-hire reporting of employees.

We also maintain the confidentiality of your business records by making your data accessible only by the
approved team as we take care of every single step in keeping your data secure with us.